XXMO is an experimental, dystopian art-project (non-profit) that was founded in 2015 in Innsbruck, Austria. Starting with the chapter eclipse it describes a dystopian saga that is built on and continued in the second chapter escape (2016.)
The xxmo-universe expands and changes with everybody who wears or works on it. The goal of the project is a critical approach to fashion and the fashion-industry itself. The conclusions are presented in continuous and conceptual collections.
xxmo understand clothing as a form of message and create (textile) components that stimulate reflection and collaboration. These thoughtful, minimalistic and multifunctional products intend to offer individual adaptations to every body size and form. The pieces are produced in small editions and are most often unique. For patient people, xxmo|como also offers personalized and customised products.


  • - Connection of designers and customers
  • - Support
  • - Collaborative and autodidact learning
  • - Connecting like-minded persons
  • - Critical approach to important subjects
  • - Source of inspiration
  • - Promotion of sustainable fabrication
  • - Promotion of handmade products and artworks


XXMO Artist in Residence

Working for a unlimited time, independently in the organizing team. Get more influence on the design and developing process.

More infos here:

xxmo│como guidelines


Organizing and design-team